Purebred Shar Peis Available from MSPCA After Investigation of Braintree Home

18 dogs were found in the home of a Braintree resident.

The MSPCA is taking care of 13 purebread Shar Peis at its Jamaica Plain Adoption Center after an investigation last week led to the discovery of 18 dogs living in "extremely unsanitary condition" at a Braintree home.

MSPCA-Angell's law enforcement personnel rescued 13 Shar Pei dogs ranging in age from 6 months to two years. They were suffering from eye and skin problems and had not been spayed or neutered, according to a press release issued Thursday.

"Moreover, most of the dogs are under-socialized and scared, owing to the large number of them living in the home," the MSPCA said.

Four of the animals were spayed and neutered and returned to the owner, who voluntarily turned over the dogs and admitted she needed help, spokesman Rob Halpin said Thursday afternoon. He declined to provide further information about the owner or where she lived in Braintree.

Law Enforcement and Adoption Center teams took two trips to bring the animals back to the shelter following the Monday, Jan. 14 incident because of the large number. They were given warm beds, food and water, and received medical treatment and socialization training.

One of the dogs was euthanized because of its aggressive behavior.

Anyone wishing to contribute toward the dogs' care, and the care of animals like them, may do so by clicking here. Anyone interested in adoption should email adoption@mspca.org.

More on the rescue can be found here: http://www.mspca.org/about-us/press-room/2012/mspca-angell-rescues-13.html.


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