Bomb Threat Found at Weymouth High School

A note was found written on a boys’ bathroom stall, indicating a bomb threat for December 6th.

A bomb threat was found in a boy’s bathroom at Weymouth High School on Tuesday, but school administrators do not believe the message to be a “credible threat.”

In an email to parents on Tuesday, Principal  Laura Stevenson said the school is keeping the safety of the children and staff as their top priority.

A note was found written on a boys’ bathroom stall, indicating a bomb threat for December 6th.  

“At this point, we don't believe this message to be a credible threat, but with the guidance and assistance of the Weymouth Police, we are taking the necessary precautions,” Stevenson said.  

The Weymouth Police Department will be present during student arrival on Thursday and will conduct a precautionary sweep after school on Wednesday, Stevenson said in the email to parents.  On Thursday, students will only be able to enter the school through the main entrance and the maroon entrance.

Stevenson said Wednesday after school activities have not been canceled.

“Students participating in scheduled after school activities will be directed to areas supervised by an adult staff member while the WPD is present,” Stevenson said.  “We will enter into a planned ‘lockdown’ to allow the WPD to do their job unimpeded by students and staff moving throughout the building. As soon as the WPD is done their sweep, everyone will be able to resume normal activities.”

The school is still uncertain who posted the note but hopes a student will come forward with the responsible person or persons.

The issue is currently being investigated by the Weymouth Police Department, the Weymouth High School’s Principal Office and Weymouth Public School’s Central office.

“We are asking for your understanding and cooperation as we work through this process to ensure all of us are safe, and that our school community experiences as little disruption as possible,” Stevenson said.


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