North Weymouth Man Arrested For Dealing Marijuana and Hashish From Home

Complaints from his North Weymouth neighbors led to the arrest of an alleged marijuana dealer on Thursday.

Detectives busted another drug dealer in town on Thursday, arresting a suspect right inside his North Weymouth home for dealing marijuana and hashish.

Police said James W. Hill, age 21 of Weymouth observed him  make two separate marijuana deals in front of his residence, located at 66 Moreland Road at around 3 p.m. Thursday.

 Police confronted both groups of buyers and recovered the drugs and when they arrested Hill, they found additional marijuana and hashish.

Detectives received numerous complaints from neighbors as well as calls on the mayor’s drug tip line about Hill before the arrest, police said.

“Neighbors have been complaining about Hill possible selling drugs and are concerned with the quality of life in the area,” Police Lieutenant John R. Perchard.

Hill has a history of dealing marijuana in North Weymouth.

He was found  and arrested with 11 bags of marijuana in his possession back in September 2009. A year later in March 2010, he was arrested again for selling marijuana at his home.

“This is clearly a quality of life issue for the neighbors in the area that needed to be addressed,” Perchard said.

The arrest was third major drug bust in Weymouth in the last week.  On Friday, three men were arrested for selling crack and on Wednesday a Plymouth man was caught selling heroin and prescription pills.

robert young February 13, 2013 at 05:47 PM
This man is a menace to himself noone else his nieg quit their nosieness its only weed ppl grow up alcohol is 1,000,000 times worse bust the rapists and herion dealers pot is gods medicine
robert young February 13, 2013 at 05:48 PM
His nieghbors need to quit *


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