Prosecutors Says Weymouth Man Killed Father in Fight Over BB Gun

Prosecutors say the father and son had an argument at their Weymouth home when Michael hit his father in the head with a PVC pipe.

Prosecutors at Quincy District Court said a Weymouth man killed his father after a dispute over a BB gun.

Michael Beaudry, 20, was ordered held without bail Tuesday. He pleaded not guilty to the death of his father Ronald Beaudry, age 58 of Cross Street.

Prosecutors say the father and son had an argument at their Weymouth home when Michael hit his father in the head with a PVC pipe.

Michael’s defense attorney Jack Atwood said he believes his client had his back to his father when he was approached.  When he swung around with the pipe, that is when he struck him in the head.

Atwood is looking to wait for the autopsy results and believes Michael is either not guilty or should be found with manslaughter.

“In my opinion, it’s not a first degree case; I don’t even think it's close to being a second degree case,” Atwood said outside the courtroom.  “You have a young kid having a beef with his father. He flees the home. His father pursues him. ... I think the autopsy is going to tell a lot about the type of injury that took this gentlemen’s life.”

Atwood said the father and son had at least one known physical confrontation in the past which may have resulted in his father breaking his rib. He said the father had become impatient with Michael and was upset he had not joined the Army soon enough. He was also angry that his son was not working.

“The father would have a pattern of aggression," Atwood said. “The kid is not an aggressive kid.  He walks away, which was a great irritant to the father.”

On Monday, Michael went into the cellar to shoot the BB gun, which upset his father again.  When confronted, Michael left the home with  a PVC pipe and propane tank to make a bazooka with a friend. When his father went after him, Michael turned around and pipe struck his father in the head.

Michael is a 2011 Weymouth High School graduate and was ready to join the Army, Atwood said.  He had just lost a job as a janitor at a hotel because his car had broken down and was unable to get to work.

Ronald Beaudry was a retired Air Force veteran and was a member of the Weymouth American Legion Post 79.

Atwood also said Michael was very remorseful after striking his father.

“I don’t think he’s suicidal,” Atwood said.  “He’s extremely upset.  He wants to know how his family feels towards him. The family has conveyed through me that they love him. … It’s a very tough moment for the family. …Everybody loves him including his mother.”

Atwood also explained that neighbors have expressed concerns about Michael in the past. They have contacted police when they’ve noticed him in the neighborhood carrying soft pellet air rifles.

Beaudry is due back in court on Feb. 27.

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