Weymouth Man Allegedly Attempts Murder, Then Leads Police on Violent Chase Through Three Towns

Police say a Weymouth man attempted to rape, strangle and murder a victim before leading police on a violent chase that sent one officer to the hospital and left one vehicle in flames.

Police say Christopher McCambly tried to strangle, rape and kill a victim at his South Weymouth home on Sunday morning before he led police on a chase through three towns that injured one officer and resulted in his vehicle crashing into a pole and catching fire.

McCambly, age 40 of 29 Lakehurst Avenue in Weymouth fled his home in a Ford Explorer  at approximately 5:05 a.m. right when officers arrived after receiving a domestic violence report.

After arriving at the home, police believe McCambly attempted to rape, strangle and kill the victim.

Weymouth police officer Scott Harrington attempted to stop McCambly as he fled up Lakehurst Ave and onto to Mutton lane.   Harrington continued to pursue McCambly and when the suspect pulled into a driveway and shut off his light, the Weymouth officer pulled right behind him.  It was at that point where McCambly rammed the Weymouth officer with his Explorer, Weymouth Police Captain Rick Fuller said in a written statement.

The suspect fled again on Pleasant Street, fleeing into Holbrook and then eventually onto Hancock Street in Braintree where he then rammed Harrington’s police cruiser again, this time sending it into the woods where it struck a tree. McCambly’s vehicle struck a utility pole and caught fire, Cpt. Fuller said.

Weymouth Officer James Flanagan was able to force his way into McCambly’s vehicle and extract him from flames.

Both McCambly and Officer Harrington were transported to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries, police confirmed. The officer was treated and released while the suspect remains hospitalized.

McCambly will face charges for attempted murder by strangulation, assault with intent to rape, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, domestic assault and battery, possession of cocaine, failure to stop for police, operating after revocation, use of a motor vehicle without authority, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and several motor vehicle charges.

tricia January 30, 2013 at 11:16 AM
I dont how newspapers can put all this out when none of that is the tru,some mabe,not most.. this is absolutely disgusting and I think there should be a law against this.. you can ruin this man's life with what you think you know...
Anonymous February 04, 2013 at 11:17 PM
Why do you think you know more than the police does? Let then do their job.


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