Final Southfield Meeting on Water Services Tonight

Mayor Susan Kay sponsored the meetings to provide information to Weymouth residents on the development.

The final meeting in a series of three informational sessions on Southfield is tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Abigail Adams Middle School.

Mayor Susan Kay sponsored the meetings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday "in an effort to provide Weymouth residents timely and accurate information relative to services provided by the Town to SouthField," according to a memo by the town.

The theme for tonight's meeting is "Rendering Water and Sewer Services." Topics of discussion will include; water and sewer contracts, the history and what are the benefits.

Southfield's water plan has been controversial from the perspective of both Southfield and Weymouth residents.

"The hottest controversy in the development involves what comes out of the tap: SouthField residents drink the same water as Weymouth residents, but they’re billed differently and charged higher rates," the Boston Globe reported last fall.

"SouthField residents end up paying between $21.34 and $29.87 per unit for water and sewer service — far more than what Weymouth residents pay. The annual water/sewer bill for a household using 90,000 gallons in Weymouth is $1,530, but an apartment at The Commons at SouthField Highlands using the same amount is charged more than $3,500."

See more at http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2012/11/18/straddling-towns-southfield-and-its-residents-face-unusual-challenges/AZEgbj1C6NDyl4BdDRU7SP/story.html


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