Former Patriot Kevin Faulk to Visit Weymouth High School

The former Patriot running back will congratulate 41 students for their volunteer service.

Former New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk,  Patriots cheerleaders and Pat Patriot will participate in a pep rally on Thursday with Weymouth High School students who gave back to the community and completed their volunteerism requirements.

During the pep rally, 41 Weymouth High School student "Volunteers in Practice" (VIPs) will be recognized by Faulk and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation for going above and beyond the volunteerism requirements.

Prizes will be awarded to VIPs as well as an unveiling of a special banner highlighting the school's commitment to volunteerism.

The pep rally will take place at 12:45 p.m at the Weymouth High School Gymnasium.

The Weymouth community as a whole engaged in the Celebrate Volunteerism initiative in numerous ways, including community-wide food drives, volunteer celebrations and more.  

Junior Matt Bryer started an organization called Safe Soldier that sends care packages to active duty military personnel and provides WHS students with their community service opportunities while other students volunteered with many other organizations such as Amnesty International.

In years to come, this unique pilot program between NEPCF and the Weymouth community will be used as a model to expand to communities throughout the region as part of Celebrate Volunteerism.

"By teaming up with the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation, Weymouth High School has begun to change how our students understand community service,” Peter Haviland, Associate Principal Weymouth High School said in a written statement.  “This relationship with the Patriots has changed the mindset of many Weymouth High School students who think that community service is an obligation rather than an opportunity to be celebrated.  Instead of feeling obligated to volunteer their time, our students are now beginning to celebrate volunteerism in the same manner that the Patriots do."

Earlier this year, The Weymouth Public School  have  collaborated with the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation to collect food for those less fortunate.  All of the Weymouth schools asked students along with local residents to donate non perishable food or checks made payable to the Weymouth Food Pantry.


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